Other Services

Retirement Services, Health Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation Insurance

We help you find the best solutions, then we help you manage and save money with accurate reporting. Individual and group health, life, dental and vision insurance from well-known carriers. We can also help you with 401K and other retirement solutions.


“Pay-as-you-go” Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Our Workers’ Compensation Payment Service makes it easy for employers to pay their insurance premiums with each payroll. Most insurance policies require employers to pay estimated premiums based on projected annual payroll. With Pay-as-you-go, your premiums are paid with each payroll.


Time Clocks and Time & Attendance Software

Automated electronic time-keeping systems from Progressive Payroll’s endorsed vendors will save you hours in payroll preparation and job tracking. Electronically export payroll data to Progressive Payroll’s PC-Web Software. Track employee attendance, employee tardiness, department transfers, schedules, etc.


Human Resources

Maintain human resource compliance while tracking applicant, employee, job, benefits administration and company information.