Included Services

We wont “nickel and dime” you. We take great pride in the complete services we provide at one low price.

Laser Signatures

Progressive Payroll offers check signing at no additional charge. Authorized signatures are captured digitally and laser-imprinted on every check.

Sealed Checks / Direct Deposit Stubs

For those customers whose employees need the additional security and confidentiality, payrolls will be delivered with each employee’s paycheck sealed in a separate envelope.

Tax Filing Service

Federal, State and Local Taxes paid and filed for you, automatically. Guaranteed accurate and on-time tax payments and filing of all payroll tax returns. We handle all aspects of deposits and quarterly and annual returns.

Direct Deposit

Progressive Payrolls’ Direct Deposit service allows payroll funds to be deposited directly into the checking or savings accounts of your employees. Non-negotiable pay stubs are produced for record-keeping.

Vacation/Sick Accrual Reports

Track paid time off for employees, reflecting not only employee time off but the payroll liability attached to it. Let the system monitor earned time off, generating reports on a calendar or fiscal year basis.

Your Choice – Phone, Fax, email or PC/Web Input

We understand that we work for you, not the other way around. You tell us which input method is right for you. Phone, fax, email or PC/web input. Payroll service your way.

PC-Web Input – Available at No Extra Charge

  • See a complete Check Register before sending input.
  • Access your payroll history right on your PC.
  • Instantly calculate and print a manual check.

Workers Compensation Reports

This report provides a breakdown of premiums due utilizing your workers compensation codes rates and modifiers. This information is available for any date range you need.

General Ledger Report

Our General Ledger Report will summarize transactions by general ledger account. This is the exact general ledger entry you could enter into your accounting system, summarized into as few entries as possible.


Any report you require, whether it is produced each pay period, monthly, quarterly or for any date range, is available at no extra charge.